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South Forbes Bali Mansions Nusa Dua House Model


Nusa Dua House Model Nusa Dua House ModelNusa Dua House ModelNusa Dua House Model
Nusa Dua House ModelNusa Dua House ModelNusa Dua House Model

Nusa Dua Floor Plan
Nusa Dua Floor Plan

House Model: NUSA DUA

Lot Area: 300 sq.m.
Floor Area: 342.76 sq.m.

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The model mansion Nusa Dua at Bali Mansions in South Forbes Golf City is the epitome of luxurious living, according to Interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario.

“Nusa Dua is Asian Modern. We came up with an East meets West theme that will appeal to everybody, especially those who are well traveled. In effect, we have married the two earlier model mansions of Coralia and Lovina,” shares Cynthia.

The living room is the first and prime example of how to carry out the East meets West theme in style.

Milanese shaped Italian sofas mix well with the native woven chairs with large rectangular patterns. The theme is carried out as well in the informal breakfast area with its woven benches and in the dining room, with its Chinese panel screens as a design element and ox blood upholstery for the walls. A Coramandel screen keeps affairs private in the dining room, from which the luxurious Bali Mansions Clubhouse can be viewed.

More than just a bedroom, the master's suite even has lounge chairs and an entertainment set for the enjoyment of guests. The terrace adjoining the master's suite is good for afternoon tea sessions with a view of the South Forbes fairways. The silver-gray theme of the suite, with a hint of celadon, helped the designing duo achieve their objectives of taste, luxury, and elegance. “We wanted to show it can be luxurious and tailored at the same time,” Cynthia says.

Bali Mansion House Models

Bali Mansions Nusa Dua House Model Product Specs


Nusa Dua House Model

Nusa Dua House Model Product Specifications - Reserve Now!

Nusa Dua House Specs

Nusa Dua House Specs


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Property Location                                        Sta Rosa Laguna and Silang Cavite

Classification : Residential  Lot House Lot,

Lot Area          :             sq.m
Lot Area          :   

Selling Price
P 12,852,000 and UP
                                  HOUSE ONLY
Payment Scheme
Bank Financing / In- House Financing

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