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South Forbes Bali Mansions Lovina House Model


Lovina House Model Lovina House ModelLovina House ModelLovina House Model
Lovina House ModelLovina House ModelLovina House Model

Lovina Floor Plan
Lovina Floor Plan



House Model: LOVINA

Lot Area: 225 sq.m.
Floor Area: 309.36 sq.m.

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The same relaxing ambiance of this Balinese beach is brought to life in the Lovina model unit of Bali Mansions designed by talented interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario. Ivy describes Lovina as having "more modern accessories like artworks and ceramic ware, with more contemporary lines." Meanwhile, Cynthia describes the whole Lovina mansion as having a Zen minimalist look.

This mansion will surely be a hit with guests and relatives, as the den is just beside the main door. Its multi-functional sofa bed can accommodate two guests until the next day, and their stay is made extra special by the full bath that goes with the den. The living room, with the South Forbes trademark of double height ceilings, features a five-seater beige and light brown sofa escorted by modern Asian lamps on both sides. Even if guests are being entertained at the spacious living room, a double sliding door keeps family affairs private at the dining room.

Of course, the epitome of Asian luxury is reserved for the master's bedroom. A private window, beside its matching sofa, gives the couple an unobstructed view of all the interesting events happening down in the living room. A platform bed in a rust and beige motif is complemented by the neutral colors of the walls. The chosen colors "give enough drama" to this room, according to Ivy. The couple will surely love lounging around in the extra large master's bathroom, with its spacious walk-in closet. Lovely calla lilies adorn their sizeable his and hers lavatories, which help them look their best for the bright new day ahead.

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Bali Mansions Lovina House Model Product Specs


Lovina House Model

Lovina House Model Product Specifications - Reserve Now!

Lovina House Specs

Lovina House Specs


Note:    The pictures, visuals, details and information show herein are intended to give general perspective or idea of the project and as such are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. While the particulars and details on present plan have been prepared  with utmost and given in good faith , buyers are invited to verify the correctness and subsequent chanes if any with the developer  The contents herein are subject with out prior notice..   

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Property Location                                        Sta Rosa Laguna and Silang Cavite

Classification : Residential  Lot House Lot,

Lot Area          :             sq.m
Lot Area          :   

Selling Price
P 10,236,000 and UP
                                  HOUSE ONLY
Payment Scheme
Bank Financing / In- House Financing

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