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    NUVALI is a 1,700 hectare development envisioned to be the country’s first eco-community development in the Philippines. It is located in Laguna, spanning the cities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba.


    NUVALI integrates a mix of land uses which is built to support and sustain itself today and in the future. A burgeoning eco-community, where residential, businesses, educational, recreational and institutional facilities are made available. Future residents would have the opportunity to have a balance between work and leisure, providing them with the infrastructure and leisure areas such as a BPO campus, commercial and retail center, wide open spaces, ravine parks and a multi-functional lake among others.

    NUVALI will redefine urban living by hinging itself upon sustainability to distinguish itself from cities as we know it, of highly dense urban centers. This means that NUVALI will contain the elements that bring forth economic prosperity, while keeping check of social needs to foster true community building, all in an ecologically sound environment.

    Ayala Land believes that only in striking this balance will it assure the value appreciation of NUVALI for generations to come. This is the same long-term outlook in large scale developments that enabled the company to shape the Makati Central Business District, Ayala Alabang and Madrigal Business Park, Cebu Business Park, and Bonifacio Global City. With this vision of sustainability, Ayala Land finds assurance in its plans for NUVALI as the up and coming metropolis.


    NUVALI is the country’s first eco-community where the balance between a lifestyle of responsibility and sustainability thrives in an environment of diverse spaces, activities and services.

    Mixed-use, large-scale development
    A promise of redefining live, work, and recreate is made possible in an integrated natural and man-made environment.

    Balancing modernity, nature, and community
    Amidst wide open spaces, its campus environment integrates a community where residential, business and recreation flow seamlessly

    Leading the way in local real estate with sustainable development
    Showcasing Ayala Land’s expertise in revolutionizing community development in the country.

    NUVALI is built upon three sustainability fronts. This is the guiding philosophy we recognize as a developer and an organization.

      1. Approximately 50% balance between built and open areas
      2. Bio-swales and permeable surfacing to help recharge groundwater (aquifer)
      3. Double piping to use recycled water
      4. Multi-purpose lake feature for rainwater harvesting; fire reserve; and recycled water reservoir for use in landscaping irrigation and other uses which do not require potable water
      5. Use of low flow water fixtures in NUVALI structures
      6. Use of energy efficient lighting fixtures, appliances, and equipment in NUVALI structures
      7. Efficient privately managed transit to reduce dependence on private vehicles
      8. Maintenance of tree to house ratio for better environmental air quality, reduce soil erosion, and improved water retention
      9. Tree lined pedestrian and bike lanes to encourage walking and a healthier lifestyle, while reducing emissions from use of motor vehicles
      10. Sewer treatment plants for better sewer management and waste water reclamation
      11. Proven estate management system by Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC), including waste management system from segregation at source to disposal
      12. Design and construction will comply with the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or any other similar/governing body which NUVALI may prescribe or shall abide by the environmental best practices criteria developed by NUVALI
      1. Master plan and design that encourages community interaction: open spaces and recreational areas accessible to all residents and users of NUVALI to strike the live-work-recreate lifestyle balance
      2. Providing continued support to NUVALI Community through APMC: through property and estate management services to help NUVALI citizens organize themselves into associations and continue taking care of NUVALI through sustainable practices
      3. NGO Engagement for community organizing and training: working with I-serve, an NGO with reputable track record in community organizing and transformation to train neighboring communities on values, skills, leadership and community structures
      4. Local hiring: targeting 40% of workforce for property management to come from residents of surrounding communities
      5. Sponsorship of internet for some neighboring schools: sponsored GILAS to bring internet to some schools around NUVALI
      6. A target of 25% of Xavier School-NUVALI’s student population will be scholars who live in neighboring communities.
      7. A May Kabuhayan Program conceptualized to support the local communities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba, to start their own businesses and encourage them to apply sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

        Dagdag kita sa pamilya – a livelihood training program for the communities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba. Designed to provide training on basic skills in the industries of cosmetology, massage therapy, meat processing, landscaping and gardening.

        Kooperatiba ng bayan – a community organizing program for the resettled community designed to build sustainable livelihood opportunities that service the needs of the individual families and the communities. Programs such as micro-financing for tindahan, botika and sakayan ng bayan, including competency training for job opportunities with NUVALI’s estate management.

        Pera sa basura – through the help of the Pangarap Neighborhood Association, an MRF (materials recovery facility) program is designed to instill the discipline and awareness for environmentally acceptable waste management with negosyo opportunities from trash. Another facet of the program includes the engagement of the LGU to support proper and timely garbage collection, either through partner recyclers, landfill or composting. Ultimately, business opportunities in vermiculture will be introduced as a sustainable means of livelihood and waste disposal.

    1. Solenad
      1. Energy efficient cooling system and fixtures
      2. Wide canopies to avoid direct sunlight and shading
      3. Green roof to help reduce storm water run off
      Confirmed Merchants:
      1. Conti’s pastry Shop and Restaurant
      2. National Bookstore
      3. Yellow Cab
      4. Florabel
      5. Domo Tomo
      6. McDonald’s
      7. Mercury Drug
      8. Nature Café
      9. Timezone
    2. NUVALI Blvd (North-South Road)
      At full development, it will have:
      1. 2 dedicated mass transit lane in the middle
      2. 3 car lane on each direction
      3. 24 meter dedicated bike and pedestrian lanes with shady foliage
      4. exclusive car lanes for residents
    3. Multi-functional Lake feature
      A 4-hectare lake to serve as:
      1. Point of visual interest, a place where people can relax
      2. Congregation area for work, leisure and retail activities
      3. Water reservoir / enables rainwater harvesting
      4. Infrastructure for alternative means of transport (taxiboat)
      Evoliving Center
      1. More efficient heat insulation:
        • Low emissivity glass (Low-e 3)
        • External Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)
        • Green Roof
      2. Use of Double-Piping system, waterless urinals and low-flow fixtures to reduce water consumption
      3. Use of alternative materials such as bamboo and terrazzo tiles
      4. Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures
      5. Eco-friendly cooling system
      6. Canopies to avoid direct sunlight
      7. It is NUVALI’s testament to sustainable building concept and design, an icon structure that serves as an exhibit area that showcases NUVALI’s master plan with its interactive exhibits, AV room, and the showrooms of the Phase 1 residential projects.
    4. Lakeside Evozone

      NUVALI's Lakeside Evozone was carefully conceptualized with well-thought out facilities and infrastructures such as telecom redundancy, central sewage treatment plant and underground utilities in a campus-type setting with generous open spaces, landscaped parks and side walks, parking areas with permeable blocks, and located near the lakeside retail shops and the NUVALI transport terminal area.

      Land uses:

      • Offices
      • Training/Conference Facilities/Studio/Workshops
      • Hotel
      • Dormitory/Apartment
      • Tertiary (College) level Schools or higher education
      • Hospital/Clinic
      • Retail
      One Evotech

      The maiden building in NUVALI’s Lakeside Evozone office campus development is the One Evotech. The Building now houses Convergys, one of the fastest expanding BPO companies in the Philippines.


      • Ramp feature for circulation and as heat sink
      • Bike racks
      • Double piping
      • Efficient cooling
      Commercial establishments within One Evotech
      • 7-11
      • BoNa Coffee Company
      • Reyes Barbeque
      • Kanin Get it
      • Indulgence Day Spa
      • BPI
    5. Residential Projects

      A range of housing options for those who choose balance in life

    6. Avida Settings Green Homes
      Design considerations:
      • Orientation
      • Fenestration
      • Cross ventilation
      • Use of natural lighting
      • Use of rapidly renewal resources and local materials
      • Double-piping and Low-flow water fixtures
      • Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures
      • Use of drought resistant and local plants
    7. Institutional
      • Xavier School (Elementary and High School)– occupying a 15-hectare property in the central portion of NUVALI, targeted to be opened by 2012
      • Legionaries of Christ
    8. Bird Santuary

      NUVALI aims to preserve and enhance an approximate 17 kilometer buffer area into a wildlife and bird sanctuary that encourages existing wildlife habitat to live and flourish within NUVALI.

      NUVALI is currently developing a Viewing deck and Gazebo with fun and experiential exhibits and foot trails for bird-watching enthusiasts, families and groups as an outdoor recreational activity.

      As part of its conservation efforts, NUVALI encourages volunteerism programs from schools, companies and organizations to conduct tree-planting activities within the bird sanctuary.

      A total of 76 faunal species composed of 62 bird species, 7 mammal species, 7 herpetofaunas and 55 species of flora were recorded through Haribon’s Biological survey of NUVALI conducted last November 19-22 and December 4-6, 2008.

      Thirteen species or 17% of vertebrate fauna (10 birds, 1 mammal and 2 lizards) are endemic including 2 restricted-range species or island endemics restricted to Luzon faunal region. A total of 36 indigenous with 10 endemic floral species to the Philippines were also recorded.

    9. Other features
      • Tree lined pedestrian lanes, jogging paths and bike lanes
      • Privately managed transit system circulating within NUVALI and linking to Metro Manila. Only efficient and more environmentally friendly vehicles will be used in this transit system.



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