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The New Plantacion del Sol       it’s a township  master planned  and well-designed community composed of six (6) residential  communities that offers a socialized and economic house and lot package such us Row Houses,  Town Houses (loftable/ with loft) and full 2 storey town houses, Single-Attached/Detached, Duplex and commercial lots   with complete facilities and amenities at very affordable price and payment schemes thru Pag-Ibig Financing and Bank Financing . This is part of 80 hectares Philtown Properties Inc. horizontal development in the area of Batangas.

                  AMENITIES and FACILITIES

§  Fully landscaped Grand Entrance Gate with guard house

§  Multi Purpose Hall

§  Children’s playground

§  Landscaped Open Space

§  Tree-lined  Main Road with street lights

§  Basket Ball Court with pole mounted lights (convertible to Badminton and Tennis court)

§  Complete electrical, drainage facilities

§  Provision for commercial lots for Pre-School or Day Care Center, convenient store  and drug store to cater the immediate  needs of the residents which will be operated by private institution/individuals

§  Centralized water system

§  Wide road network

§  Provision for PDS LOOP shuttle service vehicle



Access through Governor Malvar Road and Pagaspas Road  (5 to 10 minutes away  from Sto. Tomas Town  and Tanauan City proper.



                              GROSS LAND AREA :

                                      Approximately twenty four (24) hectares  or  240,000 sq.m.



          IBIZA Site Development  Plan


              HOUSE AND LOT  PACKAGE 

               (Ready for Occupancy Units Available)      




Lofted Town houses                     40 – 60 sq.m.       43 sq.m with Loft (Complete)

Rowhouses                                    40 – 60 sq.m.       25.6 sq.m  (loftable unit)

Future Projects

Town houses                                     40 – 60 sq.m        56 sq.m

Single attached/detached           60 - 80 sq.m.       50.8 sq.m

Single attached/detached           60 - 80 sq.m       60.8 sq.m  

Commercial Lots     (For Expansion)


                   Floor Area : 43 sq.m.

                   Lot Area     : 40 to 62 sq.m.

(Actual Photo)

         Floor Plan

Ground Floor



                  Lot Area           :  40 sq.m.

                  Floor Area        :   25.6 sq.m. (Loftable  Unit)

Floor Plan



                                    HLURB License to Sell – 17705-R4A-07-04


                                    Reservation Fee      

                                                Rowhouse Unit         :           P   3,000.00

                                                Townhouse Unit        :           P   5,000.00

                                                Single Attached       :           P 10,000.00


             PAYMENT SCHEME


1.      Pag-IBIG Financing

2.      Bank Financing





                                    Lot Area         :                                  40 sq.m

                                    Floor Area      :                                  43 q.m. (complete Unit)

Selling Price  :                                   P          560,000.00

Equity of DP   :                                                 40,000.00

Less  : Reservation Fee                                    3,000.00

Net Equity of DP:                                             37,000.00

                                    Monthly Equity or DP                       P           3,083.33/months

                                                                                              for 12 mos.

Pag IBIG Financing  :                      P          520,000.00

30 Years to Pay        :                                   3,380.86 +   (MRI 208.70 + FI 190.50)

                                                         P            3,780.06

               SAMPLE COMPUTATION (Socialized Housing Unit)


                                    Lot Area         :                            40 sq.m

                                    Floor Area      :                            25.6 q.m. (complete Unit)

Selling Price  :                      P  435,000.00

Misc. fee /Equity  :                    25,000.00  

Less  : Reservation Fee                3,000.00

Net Equity of DP:                        22,000.00                  

                                    Monthly Equity or DP                1,777.77 for 18 mos.   


Pag IBIG Financing  :          P 400,000(For Final Approval of PAG IBIG)

30 Years to Pay        :             2,080.20  plus (MRI 208.70and FI 190.50

                                             P   2,457.40/ mos.


                       SPECIFICATIONS / SCHEDULE OF FINISHES (Lofted  Economic Units)


               A.   WALL FINISHES


         1. Exterior Wall                        Plastered Cement, Painted Finish groove ,  2 coat Latex Paint

2. Interior Wall                                                      Plain Smooth Finish with single coat latex paint

3. T&B Walls                                                                7 – layers 200 x 200 Glazed Wall Tiles

              B.    FLOOR FINISH


1. Living, Dining and Kitchen                                  Plain Cement Finish

2. T&B                                                                          200 x 200 Unglazed Floor Tiles

3. Kitchen Counter                                                  200 x 200 Ceramic tiles, with Stainless Sink

4. Loft                                                                         ¾ Ordinary Plywood Tubular and C-purlin framing with vinyl tiles           

              C.   CEILING WORKS


1. Living, Loft, Dining and Kitchen                         ¼”thk. Ordinary Plywood, Painted

2. Eaves                                                                     ¼” thk. Marine Plywood on 2” x 2” Wood Nailers, Painted         

            D.   DOORS & WINDOWS


1. Main Entrance Door & Back Door                    Flush Door w/  Lockset

2. T&B Doors                                                              PVC Door Lockset

3. Windows                                                                Steel Casement Windows




Main Roof                                          Ga. 26 Pre-painted G.I. Roof Sheets (Rib-type)(vetrify color) on 2” x 4” # 16 C-purlins w/ spacing of 0.60m O.C.



1. Plumbing Fixtures                                                 Flush type water closet, white

                                                                                    Ceramic lavatory, white

                                                                                    Ceramic soap and tissue holder, white



1. Loft Railings                                                           BI Pipes Handle with

(designed) flat bar





                                    HLURB License to Sell – 17705-R4A-07-04


                                    Reservation Fee      

                                                Rowhouse Unit         :           P   3,000.00

                                                Townhouse Unit        :           P   5,000.00

                                                Single Attached       :           P 10,000.00


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Qeuly Perez Balentoza, QPB                       Managing Real Estate Broker                          REBL nos. IV-02-0162-08                    

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Property Location                                       

City Road, Brgy Pagaspas, Tanauan City< Batangas

Classification : House and Lot,

Lot Area           :  40sq.m. - 80 sq.m.
Floor Area        :  25.6  sq.m. - 60 sq.m.

Selling Price
P 400,000 - 1,500,000                                  

Payment Scheme
Bank Financing / Pag-IBIG Financing

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