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QPB  REALTY E-Referral Form

Please type or write legibly on the space provided and attach 1X1 picture on the upper right hand corner                                                                                                                                   copy and paste in  microsoft word , fill-up and  send to email add:  qpbrealty1@yahoo.com.ph


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Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________


Website : ___________________________________________________________________________________________


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Join our referral program and earn PHP 40,000.00-up (1.5% commission) per unit/lots sold!

1)       Who is qualified to join?

All Filipinos residing in the Philippines or abroad who is legal age can join.

2)       Who will do the selling?

Our Certified Real Estate Brokers and Property Consultants  will do the selling to your prospects. We will do the project presentation and qualify your prospects for you. We will invite your prospects to visit the project site or if they prefer to have the project presentation at their home or office.

3)       When you get the 1.5 % referral fee?

When your prospect has done the following:

a)     paid the required Down payment by the Developer

b)     accomplished the Buyer’s Information Sheet;

c)      signed the Reservation Agreement and Contract to Sell; and

d)     Submitted all PDC’s for Monthly Amortization and other supporting documents required by the Developer.

QPB REALTY,  will make all payments, less of 10% Creditable Withholding Tax (CWT), will be release in  two (2) weeks after all requirements are met.

4)       Would you rather interested to be Accredited Seller and earn 3% (about P60,000/sale) instead?

Do let us know, and, The company /Developer   shall orient and train to complete Project Orientation Seminar and training. Please contact us soon to schedule a meeting.

5)       What do you need to do?

Simply, Fill out the attached Referral Form for client/s you think would be interested in and have the capacity to invest then, Submit by email,  to:

Mr. Qeuly Perez Balentoza, QPB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     email add: qpbrealty1@yahoo.com.ph


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