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Motor Car insurance

Main Cover

Own Damage - protecs insured's vehicle againts loss or damage due to an accident as well as loss due to theft

Third Party Liability Cover

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL- a prerequisite for all registered vehicles)

Excess Bodily Injury

Property Damage

Protects Insured againts liability arising out of lossor damage to the other person's properties(Property Damage) and or injuries of third parties(Bodily Injury

Fire insurance

Insurance against physical loss or damage proximately caused by fire and lightning to an insured property such as buildings, machinery and equipment, stocks in trade, goods, house hold fixtures, furniture, appliances, personal effects (excluding cash and jewelry0 and other fixed properties.

Classification of building occupancy

Residential - buildings/ Structures used primarily as dwelling units, townhouses and conduminiums

Warehouse- Buildings/structures used as storage of goods or merchandise

Industrial - Buildings/structures occupied maily as workshop, factories and mills

General - Building/structures used as schools, churches, offices, hospitas, cinemas, restaurants, department store, shopping malls and the like.

Fire Insurance can be extended to cover the following perils

Earthquake Fire/Shock

Typhoon Flood

Vehicle Impact/Falling Aircraft




Malicious Damage


Surety Bonds insurance

A bond is an agreement among three parties whereby a surety company guarantees the performance by an individual (Principal) of an obligation or undertaking in favor of a third party (Obligee of Insured Party in whose favor the bond is issued)The bonding company (Surety) undertakes to indemnify the obligee, up to the bond, for what ever loss he might suffer if the principal fails to comply with his obligation.

Classification of bonds

License and Permit Bond

Construction Bond

Fidelity Bond

BIR Bond

Judicial Bond

General Surety Bond

Marine insurance

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