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Create your own private enclave with prime lots at Bahia and Orilla, with facilities that include gated entrances, meditation gardens, ropes courses and hiking trails, all set within the lush mountainscape.

Lots ranging from 300 to 1,000 sqms located close to pockets of activity or at enclaves with impressive lake and mountain views.


The Lake Club at Laeuna de Taal is meticulously envisioned to be a restorative sanctuary of sports, entertainment and relaxation.

Water-based recreation such as canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing preserve the integrity of the lake. Taking advantage of the property's lake frontage, The Lake Club features a main clubhouse with dining and conference facilities and a boardwalk overlooking the lake.

  • Library lounge
  • Waterfront activity center
  • Swimming pool
  • Kiddie pool and playground
  • Billiards
  • Lakeside Restaurant
  • Destination spa
  • Function rooms

Photo: Casitas

Stay the weekend or longer in our intimate casitas, amidst spectacular lake and mountain views. Luxurious, well-spaced units ensure absolute privacy and the feeling of being truly alone with nature.

The Lake Club Soon to Rise at Laeuna de Taal

                Dine with friends at a lakeside restaurant. Have a rejuvenating massage at the nearby spa. Go sailing or fishing with your kids, or simply take a stroll on the boardwalk with your spouse. It’s possible to do all these every single day when you have Taal Lake in your backyard and The Lake Club at the heart of your community.

Best of lakeside living

               The Lake Club is the main recreational center of Laeuna de Taal, a master-planned lakeside community in Talisay, Batangas. Sprawling over 60 hectares, Laeuna de Taal is designed as a relaxing upland retreat. This prime ridge property was carefully crafted to enhance the natural beauty of the Taal environment.

Experience quiet recreation amidst the lush mountainscape with panoramic residential lots and endless possibilities for communing with nature. As you immerse yourself in this tranquil sanctuary, you could easily forget that Manila is less than two hours away.

Laeuna de Taal will be developed in clusters, and is envisioned to be a restorative haven for nature-oriented recreation and relaxation. Adding to the holistic lakeside experience are horse and hiking trails, meditation parks, camping groves, view decks, a bird sanctuary, destination spa and an organic market and artists’ village, all integrated within the community.


Residential choices

               Within Laeuna de Taal, you can create your own private sanctuary with residential lots facing the Lake. The unspoiled terrain lends itself well to creative landscaping so you can practically carve your niche on the mountainside. Choose between smaller lots closer to pockets of activity, or larger cuts with more impressive lake and mountain views. Two residential enclaves are now open, each offering a different living experience.

                Bahia or “by the bay” is an enclave that offers expansive 700 to 1,000-square meter lots, with prime lake and mountain views. Residents of Bahia can enjoy breathtaking sights without leaving home. With the generous lot cuts, you have all the garden space you desire or a spacious venue for large outdoor gatherings.

                Orilla or “lakeside,” is a stretch of residential living closest to the upcoming Lake Club with smaller lot cuts of 300 square meters. From there, The Lake Club’s dining and sports amenities are a leisurely walk away. Both neighborhoods were designed to complement the tranquil, natural character of the entire development and are ideal for vacation homes, weekend getaways, or even a place to stay for good.

Access to The Lake Club

               Residents will be able to enjoy unlimited access to this much-awaited venue for pleasure fun and wellness in the near future as Laeuna de Taal prepares to break ground for The Lake Club very soon. It offers a wide range of facilities and amenities that include: a cafe/restaurant, swimming pool, kiddie pool and playground, destination spa, barbeque gazebos, and a boardwalk by the lake. Function areas are also available for weddings and other social gatherings.

Built along the coastline of Taal Lake, the club also allows residents more quality time to bond with the family by engaging in water activities at the Waterfront Activity Center, which features canoeing, windsurfing, fishing, and boat rides to Taal Volcano. Whether it’s quiet relaxation or more vigorous activities, The Lake Club has something for every member of the family.


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Laeuna de Taal is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Makati via Sta. Rosa. The climate within the property is about 5 degrees higher than Tagaytay and has an elevation that ranges from 8 to 350 meters above sea level. 

The terrain slopes towards the lake with its steep ravines and waterways. The property has a lake frontage of about 110 meters and is covered with thick vegetation and coconut and other fruit-bearing trees.

The main access is through a provincial road that traverses the property. This road connects the town of Talisay to Tagaytay.

Driving Directions from Makati

1. via Sta. Rosa (about 45 mins to 1 hour)

  1. Take South Superhighway, Sta. Rosa Exit
  2. Drive until Tagaytay Ridge Road
  3. Turn left towards Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)
  4. After a few kilometers, turn right towards Talisay via Ligaya Drive
  5. The site is located about 4 kilometers away. Keep left, driving towards Lake Taal
  6. Arrive at Laeuna de Taal

2. via STAR Tollway Sto. Tomas, Batangas (about 1 1/2 hours)

  1. Take South Superhighway, Batangas/ Legaspi Exit
  2. Drive until the STAR Tollway, Sto. Tomas Entrance
  3. Take the Sambat Exit. Laeuna de Taal is approximately 17 kilometers away
  4. Drive through Tanauan and Talisay (Lake Taal will be to your left)
  5. Arrive at Laeuna de Taal

3. via Aguinaldo Highway Silang, Cavite (about 1 1/2 hours)

  1. Take the Aguinaldo Highway and drive towards the Tagaytay Rotonda
  2. Upon reaching the Rotonda, turn left towards Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)
  3. After a few kilometers, turn right towards Talisay via Ligaya Drive
  4. The site is located about 4 kilometers away. Keep left, driving towards Lake Taal
  5. Arrive at Laeuna de Taal

      Fact Sheet

  1. What is Laeuna de Taal?

  • Laeuna de Taal, situated along the Tagaytay mountain ridge, is a 60-hectare development designed to be the first nature-oriented, environmentally and culturally sensitive lakeside resort community. The development shall consist of eleven (11) residential enclaves, a Lake Club, an organic market and hotel facilities.


  1. Where is Laeuna de Taal?

  • Laeuna de Taal is located in the small and quiet town of Talisay, Batangas, near Tagaytay, a popular tourist destination. It can be reached thru South Luzon Expressway and is just a little over an hour’s drive from Makati.


  1. Who is the developer of Laeuna de Taal?

  • The developer of Laeuna de Taal is Filinvest Land, Inc. Filinvest is also engaged in leisure-oriented property development such as The Palms Country Club in Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang. Other projects being developed are Seascapes Resort Town in Mactan, Cebu and Timberland Sports and Nature Club situated in the Quezon City environs.


  1. What is the vision for the project?

  • The project is a masterplanned lakeside residential resort community. Residents can experience a relaxed lifestyle marked by genuine respect for the quiet life, and for a wholesome natural environment that nurtures healthy bodies and creative spirits.


  1. What can I do in Laeuna de Taal?

  • Residents have access to the Lake Club and can enjoy its facilities such as the swimming pool, lakeside restaurant, poolside bar & café, destination spa, barbeque gazebos and the waterfront activity center where one can go sailing, fishing, kayaking and windsurfing. Other activities include meditation, bird-watching, hiking and camping along the Tagaytay mountain ridge.


  1. What will I see when I go to Laeuna de Taal?

  • The first two (2) residential enclaves of Laeuna de Taal which are Bahia and Orilla have been substantially completed.





  1. If I purchase a lot, can I use it for commercial purposes?

  • No, each lot selling in our two (2) clusters, Bahia and Orilla, shall be used for residential purposes only. To maintain the privacy within the residential clusters, a commercial area has been planned within the Resort.


  1. Am I allowed to subdivide the lot?

  • No, each lot shall not be subdivided into smaller parcels.


  1. What type of house can I build in my property?

  • The project is envisioned to be a community featuring an architectural style characterized as “Asian-Tropical” , consistent with its natural surroundings. As such, every Lot Owner/Resident is encouraged to adopt the same vision when planning and designing their house.


  1. What is the maximum building footprint for the house?

  • For the regular sized lots in Bahia, the maximum building footprint allowed is thirty-five percent (35%) of the lot area with ample easements.


For the regular sized lots in Orilla, the maximum building footprint allowed is fifty percent (50%) of the lot area with ample easements.


  1. If I purchase two (2) lots in Orilla, can I build a 300 sqm house?

  • Yes, you are allowed to build a 300 sqm house on two (2) consolidated lots in Orilla as long as this conforms to the Deed of Restrictions


  1. If I purchase a lot, can I build more than one (1) structure?

  • Only one private single-family residential house shall be erected on each lot although accessory quarters for household help, garage and other structures intended to complement the residential building, such as gazebos, garage and the like may be constructed subject to the guidelines in the Deed of Restrictions.


  1. How many levels / storeys can I build?

  • Dwelling units are allowed only up to two (2) storeys high and should not be less than one hundred thirty (130) square meters inclusive of carport. An attic floor may be built as long as you follow the Deed of Restrictions.


Houses/structures to be built on downslope lots shall have a maximum building height of 6 meters measured vertically from the top elevation of the sidewalk at the center fronting the lot to the topmost part of the building or 9 meters measured vertically from the topmost part of the building to the center of the buildable area at the natural/original grade level, whichever is higher.


Houses/structures on upslope lots shall have a maximum building height of 9 meters measured vertically from the topmost part of the building to the center of the buildable area at the natural/original grade level.


  1. When can I start building my house?

  • House construction may commence upon payment of at least 50% of the total contract price and payment of all other costs for construction purposes.


  1. Who shall review the plans of my house before I start construction?

  • House Plans shall be reviewed by the Architectural Review and Construction Committee (ARCC) to ensure that houses within the Resort conform to the theme and deed of restrictions for the benefit of all its residents.





  1. Who are entitled to use the Lake Club?

  • Every Lot Owner/Resident who purchased a property in Laeuna de Taal shall be given access to the Lake Club.


  1. Who are entitled to use the amenities of the Lake Club?

  • Residents and resort guests are entitled to use the facilities of the Lake Club subject to club rules and regulations.


  1. What are the amenities of the Lake Club?

  • The Lake Club shall have amenities like a swimming pool, kiddie pool & playground, lakeside restaurant, poolside bar and café, destination spa, function rooms, barbeque gazebos, boardwalk, garden for parties and a waterfront activity center.




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