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Blissful Living in Kota Keluarga Fall in love with clear, blue waters and white sandy beaches.
Imagine an ownership opportunity in the south eastern tip of Batangas in a leisure development that's world's apart from any other.

Imagine a leisure development that caters to the discriminating taste of each member of the family. Imagine a place where your children can grow up appreciating the wonders of nature. A place where you can find solace from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Live next door to a treasure. Ownership at Kota Keluarga will mean easy access to the best of Costa de Madera—San Juan, Batangas' biggest destination place.

Kota Keluarga is a 100-hectare residential development besides a development complete with a fishing village, a first rate beach club, rows of day and night commercial arcades.

The focus is creating a self contained residential and commercial development project with a resort ambiance.

The grand plan is to bring the residential structures close to the bounties of nature. A place blessed with white sandy beaches, lush green hills, and verdant acres of land for the community to share and enjoy.

Cluster type development are planned to integrate well orchestrated communities—where every space of land comes with a priceless ownership of a club share.

Such a place is breaking new ground. Imagine the possibilities. This is your opportunity to be among the first to own a piece of San Juan's premiere destination.

The Site Developemnt Plan of Kota Keluarga at COSTA DE MADERA


is where the Beach is Only 2 hours & 20 minutes away, a treasure awaits you on the tip of South Eastern Batangas.

Kota Keluarga is the first residential-resort enclave of Costa de Madera, San Juan's premiere destination.

Costa de Madera is bounded on the east by Bantigui Point, on the west of Locoloco Point , on the north by San Juan-Laiya road, on the south by Verde Island Passage. Facing Marinduque on the east and Mindoro on the west.

Via Star Highway
Via Quezon Highway

Based on the concept of a “bahay kubo”, a house-on-stilts afford flexibility and multi-functionality of spaces. The simple structure creates practicable space layouts and maximization of connecting spaces within and on the outside.

The architecture allows the experience of living the outside from the inside through decks, balconies and patios, and generous picture windows and screens where cross ventilation are naturally induced into and within the house.

Interior spaces are sized and laid-out to afford the occupant multiple options

Another version of the house-on-stilts, again, the generosity of window areas and simple laid-out spaces make possible the communion of the outside with the inside.

Maintaining flexibility in the use of the spaces, a special feature of this model are the alcoves or wide “pasimanos” commonly seen in Filipino house. This allows the occupant a novel and added experience of living the outside on the inside.

The generously spaced property and layout of the house maximizes the possibility of ample landscaping to be enjoyed!

Also, this scheme emphasizes option for future expansion, of additional structures in support of the house.

Gazebos, swimming pool, barbeque place or even a guest house can be added within the property without compromising on the greens.

A unique architectural style that intended to veer away from conventional residential site development, the layout and orientation afford the occupant new ways in experiencing the outside colors and sceneries.

Because of the pockets of spaces created by the orientation of the house, spaces within allow the direct one-on-one relationship with the outside.

Patios and pocket gardens allow unique character and setting per room, while maintaining possibilities for multi-functionality.

The split level structure creates different levels of experiences, from the common living areas above and below.

The Masterplan Unfolded
The Magic that is Costa de Madera

From 1565 to 1815, a good 250 years, the sea fronting Costa de Madera was within the routes of the Galleons, that carried silk and rugs from China, ceramics from Vietnam, cinnamon and spices from our country, slaves and seafarers from Asia to the New World, Acapulco in Mexico.

Our famous writer, Nick Joaquin (1990) observed that, the Galleons made the Philippines a member of the global village. Most of our present day coastline cities became so because of their use as ports-of-call of the galleons.

Following this notion, CDMC plans to establish a quaint town of about thirty (30) houses of 1700-1800 vintage and architectures, along the quaint cobbled stone streets, with horse-drawn street car (tramvia) in rails going around town. An exotic mission chapel of ancient bricks and stones, complemented by a plaza, which can be a much sought for wedding venue. The heritage houses will serve as the accommodations for the families and guests while the ground floor of the houses will be developed into shop houses (tiendas) that will sell products of the olden Batangas ie; Barong Tagalog, embroidered pillow cases, bed sheets, mosquito nets, cutleries (balisong and bolos) , coconut vodka (lambanog), terra cotta pots & jars (palayok, banga, tapayan), wooden clogs (bakya), native coffee (barako), muscovado sugar (azucal pula), Anchovies (Bagoong), Fish sauces (Patis), goat stew (Kalderetang Kambing) mountain Rice (Kinanda), Rice cakes (kalamay, suman, puto, pilipit) Banana Delicacies (Maruya & Inarnibal), Fish Omelets (Tortang Dulong) Fermented Mustard (Burong Mustasa), Roasted Piglet (Litson), and so many other products.

During evenings, the quaint town will showcase the "Arnis de Mano" the martial arts that was popularized and developed by the Batangueño merchants; the native dances; the "Subli", La Jota Batangueña", "Maglalatik" and the "Pandango ". The musical ensemble will be provided by the Rondalla and the Musikong Bukid (the native brass band) while the haunting "Kundiman" songs will render the evening romantic while the cuisine and spirits of the province will be the centerpiece of every festivities and affairs.

The Master Plan of COSTA  DE MADERA

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Property Location                                    Brgy Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Lot Area         :          
Floor Area       :     
Selling Price   :      P 800,000 - 3,000,000

Payment Scheme
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