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Hamilo Coast is masterplanned to be a phased development of exclusive leisure communities, each with distinctive dwelling and leisure experiences.

The initial development in Hamilo Coast is PICO DE LORO COVE. It is named after the distinctive peak of Mt. Pico de Loro in its mountain horizon, which locals claim to look like a parrot's beak.

Pico de Loro Cove offers 9 midrise, low density condominium buildings with spacious units and breathtaking views. A hotel will provide convenient accommodation for transient guests. The development is centered around a man-made saltwater lagoon that is an extension of the waterfront experience of the beach.

The man-made structures are low-impact to the environment, respecting the lay of the land.

The overall architectural intent for the Pico de Loro development is dubbed a Tropical Contemporary style-characterized by modern lines and materials yet effortlessly blended into the surrounding natural environment.


Condo Leisure Lifestyle at Pico de Loro Cove

Pico de Loro Cove promotes a uniquely convenient vacation lifestyle through its residential condominium offerings—nine buildings of low-impact residential condominiums surround a four-hectare saltwater lagoon.

Each structure bears a Tropical Contemporary design, six to seven stories high and highlighted by modern lines and weather-resistant materials that blend seamlessly with the cove's natural bounties. Spacious interiors and a wide array of unit sizes are being offered to match various leisure living preferences. Most units also come with extensive balcony areas and large bay windows, giving residents priceless panoramas of the surrounding mountains, sea, and lagoon. A promenade ringing the area is perfect for interacting with neighbors and leisurely walks toward the beach.

The convenience of a quick weekend getaway truly becomes a reality at Pico de Loro's residential condominiums. Take a weekend or out-of-town trip anytime you wish, and just lock up your unit and leave. Round-the-clock security, reliable utilities, property maintenance, and other modern amenities give the discerning weekender the peace of mind they truly deserve. Plus, practical yet durable finishes allow easy upkeep of your vacation home.











Other details and provisions for utilities are also in place for convenient move-in and comfortable living whenever you choose to stay in your unit. These include:

  • Laminate-surface wood doors
  • Heat strengthened glass doors and window panels and glass jalousie windows along hallways
  • Homogenous tile flooring in kitchen, living, dining, and balcony areas, as well as in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Treated wood planks (tanguile) for stair treads in bi-level units
  • Solid surface (acrylic) kitchen and vanity countertops
  • Modular kitchen counter system with overhead cabinets and exhaust hood provisions
  • Bathtub (for 3 BR penthouse and garden loft units)
  • Provision for multi-split airconditioning units, including drain pipes
  • Provision for multi-point instantaneous water heater (under bathroom lavatories)
  • Power, water supply and side drain provisions for washing machines

Carola and Miranda have a range of unit types to choose from. Typical floor lay outs include:

Typical Unit Type Floor Plan Size (in Philippine Peso as of July 10, 2009)
One Bedroom 42 sqm to 45 sqm. PhP 4M to PhP 4.2M
Two Bedroom 91 sqm to 94 sqm. PhP 7.9M to PhP 8.4M
Three Bedroom 141 sqm to 154 sqm. PhP 12.9M to PhP 17.2M

Complete Unit Types

One-Bedroom Corner Suite
approximately 45.05 sqm. / 484.91 sq.ft.

One-Bedroom Junior Suite B
approximately 42.21 sqm. / 454.34 sq.ft.

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Two-Bedroom Suite
approximately 91.39 sqm. / 983.36 sq.ft. per level

Two-Bedroom Corner Suite
approximately 94.33 sqm. / 1015.47 sq.ft. per level

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Two-Bedroom Loft
approximately 97.90 sqm. / 1058.80 sq.ft. per level

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Two-Bedroom Garden Loft
approximately 116.90 sqm. / 1258.30 sq.ft. per level

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Three-Bedroom Corner Suite
approximately 140.95 sqm. / 1517.17 sq.ft.

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Three-Bedroom Garden Loft
approximately 174.35 sqm. / 1876.68 sq.ft.

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Three-Bedroom Penthouse Loft
approximately 154.49 sqm. / 1662.91 sq.ft.

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Carola and Miranda Condominium Clusters
Myna and Jacana Condominium Clusters
Papaya Pier
Pico Sands Hotel
Pico De Loro Country Club


  1. What is Hamilo Coast?
  2. How do I get to Hamilo Coast?
  3. What is the weather condition/climate in Hamilo Coast?
  4. What makes Hamilo Coast's location and natural environment special?
  5. How is the developer taking care of such natural resources?
  6. What is Pico de Loro Cove?
  7. Who is SM Land, Inc.?
  8. Who is Costa del Hamilo, Inc.?
  9. Who is the project team behind Pico de Loro?

Construction and Project Milestones (as of November 2010)

  1. When will my condominium unit be turned over?
  2. When will the hotel be completed?
  3. Will there be any development within the beachfront of Pico de Loro?
  4. Will there be a retail area in Pico de Loro?
  5. When will the entire Pico de Loro development be completed?
  6. When will the Ternate-Nasugbu highway be completed and accessible?
  7. When will the ferry service be available?
  8. Will the ferry service be exclusive to Pico de Loro members and guests?
  9. Will there be a docking area for boats in Hamilo Coast?

Club Membership (as of November 2010)

  1. For individual membership, who can be assigned as dependents? Can parents and other relatives be declared as dependents even if the member is married but does not have any children?
  2. Can I sell my club share to the secondary market?
  3. How much is the club's guest fee?
  4. How much is the monthly club dues and the consumable amount?
  5. I live abroad/I am only able to visit the club infrequently. Can the consumables for the monthly dues be accumulated?
  6. Can members residing abroad have their club dues waived?
  7. When does a member start paying his/her monthly dues?
  8. What if a resident member does not wish to activate his/her membership in the club?
  9. How can a resident member reactivate his/her club membership?
  10. For resident members who have their units leased out, can they assign their club usage rights to their lessees?
  11. How can club members residing abroad or who have more than one share assign their club usage rights?
  12. How can club members residing abroad or who have more than one share assign their club usage rights?
  13. Can corporate members change their nominee at any given time?
  14. Can a condo unit owner/resident go swimming at the beach and/or pool even if his club membership has been deactivated?
  15. What will happen if a club member fails to settle his/her monthly dues?
  16. Will club members have a limit in the number of guests that they could bring inside the club?

Condo Ownership

  1. How many residential units are there in Pico de Loro?
  2. Can unit owners access all the facilities of the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club?
  3. Our condo cluster building has been completed/constructed. How soon can we move in to our unit?
  4. When will my condominium unit be turned over?
  5. Is there a deadline for unit owners to accept the unit and when is a unit deemed accepted?
  6. What are the move-in fees/deposits?
  7. Can a unit owner alter the layout of his/her unit?/a>
  8. When do we start paying the condominium dues?
  9. How can unit owners settle condominium dues?
  10. Can I have my unit rented out? Can the management do this on my behalf?
  11. Is my unit secure in my absence?
  12. Do you offer cleaning services for my unit while I am away?
  13. In the case of power failures, will there be generators to serve the common areas?
  14. How many parking slots are allotted per unit?

Amenities and Facilities

  1. Is Internet access available?
  2. How many lagoons are there and how big are they?
  3. Is there a shuttle service available to move between the Beach Club and Country Club?
  4. What are the outdoor recreational activities available (exclusive to club members and their guests)?

Safety, Security and Estate Management and Rules

  1. Are permits needed when using the estate's common areas for special activities or events?
  2. How are the security requirements at Pico de Loro Cove being handled?
  3. Where does Pico de Loro Cove get its water and electricity?
  4. What are the provisions for Internet and telecommunications onsite?
  5. Who is responsible for grounds maintenance of common areas and of the landscaping requirements in the residential areas?
  6. Is access to Hamilo Coast strictly for residents and club members only?
  7. Where can club members and residents secure a gate pass for their vehicles?
  8. As latter phases of the development are still being constructed while earlier phases are being turned over and used by unit owners, won't noise pose a problem?
  9. What should a club member or resident do in cases of illness, accidents, natural calamities, or other emergencies?

Note:    The pictures, visuals, details and information show herein are intended to give general perspective or idea of the project and as such are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. While the particulars and details on present plan have been prepared  with utmost and given in good faith , buyers are invited to verify the correctness and subsequent chanes if any with the developer  The contents herein are subject with out prior notice..   

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Property Location                                        Nasugbu Batangas

Classification : Resort Condominium Unit

Lot Area          :             sq.m
Lot Area          :   

Selling Price
P 3,852,000 - 17,000,000
Payment Scheme
Bank Financing / In- House Financing

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