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South Forbes Chateaux de Paris Chantilly House Model


Chantilly House Model Chantilly House ModelChantilly House ModelChantilly House Model
Chantilly House Model

Chantilly Floor Plan
Chantilly Floor Plan

House Model: CHANTILLY

Lot Area: 225 sq.m.
Floor Area: 249.50 sq.m.


Chantilly. The very name evokes charm, elegant details, and all things pretty. A commune in the metropolitan area of Paris, Chantilly forms an urban section together with six neighboring communes. This locale is a satellite city of Paris. The French capital itself pulsates with passion, romance, and prestige.

The Chantilly commune itself is made famous by the very picturesque Chateau de Chantilly, home of the princes of Condé, who were cousins of the kings of France. Chantilly has given its name to the popular Chantilly cream concocted by a chef of the princes, and the intricate Chantilly lace, a handmade bobbin lace dating from the 17th century. The spires of the Chateau de Chantilly seem to impose over a large square. Its mix of domes and Gothic architecture are classic European.

The Chantilly house at South Forbes, however, updates the classical style. While it is born from established forms, it strips away excessive decoration and moves away from the Baroque period in terms of fabrics and furniture. As a result, you enter the Chantilly house with an intuition of tradition and warmth and not the heavy, castle-gallery sensation that your ancestors are staring at you from their enormous paintings.


Chateaux de Paris Chantilly House Model Product Specs


Chantilly House Model

Chantilly House Model Product Specifications - Reserve Now!

Chantilly House Specs

Chantilly House Specs


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Property Location                                        Sta Rosa Laguna and Silang Cavite

Classification : Residential  Lot House Lot,

Lot Area          :             sq.m
Lot Area          :   

Selling Price
P 4,000,000 - UP
Payment Scheme
Bank Financing / In- House Financing

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